AICP Study Prep

Author/Editor: APA Chapter President's Council

APA's Chapter Presidents Council is pleased to offer the CPC Study Manual for those who are preparing to take the AICP Certification Exam. Should you decide to purchase the manual, we hope you will find it a useful resource. Upon purchase, the manual is emailed as a PDF within 24-48 hours.

The purpose of this self-study manual is to help review basic planning concepts and to practice skills that are necessary for taking a multiple-choice test. The manual includes information on the following:

1. Introduction — Important Dates
2. Exam Structure
3. Getting Started — Contacting your Professional Development Officer (PDO)
4. Study Materials
5. Written Examination Scoring
6. Question Format And Construction
7. A Notation System
8. Defusing Some Myths
9. History
10. Planning Theory
11. The Law
12. Environmental Planning
13. Citizen Participation
14. Developmental Regulation
15. Transportation Planning
16. Basic Guide to the Concepts of Quantitative Methods
17. Population Estimates and Projections
18. Local Area Employment Projections
19. Shift-Share Analysis
20. Comparing Alternatives with Unequal Lives
21. Budgeting
22. Finance and Cost Analysis
23. Benefit/Cost Analysis
24. Personal Test-taking Tips

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Mock Exams

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