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2018 Advocacy + Policy Alerts

July 5, 2018 | Health + Equity in All Policies

What You Need to Know
APA Ohio encourages planning that supports physical and mental wellness, creating healthy and equitable communities for all individuals. Senate Bill 302, the Health and Equity in All Policies Legislative Initiative, was recently introduced by Senator Tavares (D-Columbus). Through the Health and Equity in All Policies Legislative initiative, we can begin working together to enhance our state’s ability to embrace our shared values of opportunity, efficiency, and equality and begin moving toward a desired state of improved health outcomes for all.

What You Can Do to TAKE ACTION
Take time now to share with your elected official why the Health and Equity in All Policies Legislative Initiative (SB 302) is critical for the well being of Ohioans.

It's easy! Share APA Ohio's message outlining the importance of health and equity in all policies by clicking below.

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January 26, 2018 | Small Cell Wireless Legislation

What You Need to Know
The Ohio legislature has introduced a bill (appearing to be on a "fast track" to passage) that would govern the implementation of small cell wireless infrastructure in a municipality's right-of-way. Senate Bill 331 was passed during last General Assembly's lame duck session and included an amendment sharply curtailing municipality's Home Rule rights to manage the deployment of small cell wireless infrastructure in their right-of-way. Several municipalities challenged the provision in court, resulting in several judges granting injunctions that cited the provision's violation of the Constitution's single-subject rule.

Click here for the most recent draft version of the language.

Click here to view a Memorandum addressed to the Ohio Municipal League from IceMiller Law Firm outlining authorities being granted municipalities in the bill and the restrictions placed upon cities and villages when administrating the installation of the telecommunications infrastructure.

*NEW* Click here to view a user friendly chart comparing the existing small cell provisions and the proposed provisions prepared by Walter | Haverfield.

January 26, 2018 | Federal Infrastructure Plan?

What You Need to Know
Washington is abuzz this week with news of a possible infrastructure plan leak. The document, released by Politico on Monday, broadly covers both funding principles and infrastructure improvements. With President Trump's second State of the Union address only days away, policymakers and advocates alike are wondering if the leak is a preview of the Administration's highly anticipated infrastructure proposal. President Trump has signaled that infrastructure will likely be a part of his address next Tuesday.

As talk about an infrastructure package builds in Washington, APA National is calling on Congress to ensure federal infrastructure investment is designed to strengthen communities, boost the economy, and expand opportunity.

What You Can Do to TAKE ACTION
APA Ohio also strongly urges you to contact your US congressional representatives with pieces that must be included in an effective infrastructure package. Share APA's Infrastructure Principles with your elected officials today!

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