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JobsOhio Programs for Communities

The State of Ohio has long been home to many of the most economically dynamic and livable communities and urban centers this country offers. JobsOhio recognizes that some smaller and mid-sized cities that make Ohio culturally rich have struggled to compete as companies and talent migrate to major metro areas. These smaller communities are part of the social fabric of Ohio and a vital part of the State's economy. They need resources that will better position them to attract more private investment and create new opportunities for their residents. JobsOhio's Planning Grants and Vibrant Communities Grant Program recognizes the need to support redevelopment in the core of Ohio's small and mid-sized cities across the state.

These programs were established to assist municipalities and their development partners with the implementation of catalytic development projects that fulfill a market need and represent a significant reinvestment in areas that have struggled to attract new investment. There are 370 eligible communities across the state; municipalities with a population of under 75,000 and a poverty rate that's at or above the state poverty rate of 13.6%. This session will outline what constitutes an eligible project for the Planning and Vibrant Communities grants and past grant recipients will share highlights of their projects.


Kristi Tanner

Hannah Baumgartel

Jason Duff

Phil Downing

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