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Simcinnati: How the City is 'gamifying' engagement

The City of Cincinnati has embarked on a project called 'Connected Communities,” the goal of which is to change existing land use policies to make a more accessible, people-focused, diverse, healthy, and connected community for all. With policy areas ranging from missing middle housing, to parking requirements, to density, to zoning, and everything in between, how is the City taking citizen opinion into account? How is the City ensuring the engagement process is equitable, useful, and actually interesting to residents?

The answer: Make it fun! In this session, planners from the Department of City Planning and Engagement will talk about their engagement strategies during Connected Communities, which included interactive policy activities, as well as a neighborhood growth game called 'Simcinnati'. In the first half of the presentation, they'll share the ideas and process behind how the activities were developed, and then participants will partake in the activities, including Simcinnati. Participants will not only be able to share their thoughts on the activities and how they could be improved, but more importantly, have some fun. In the second half, the presenters will shared lessons learned, findings, and discuss the status of the Connected Communities policies.


Andrew Halt

Maria Dienger

Gabrielle Couch

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