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Flags & Murals Oh My! Challenging Sign Issues Post Reed

We are now closing in on eight years since the infamous Reed v. Town of Gilbert case that made most sign ordinances unconstitutional in one opinion. With that decision, many communities worked to revise their sign regulations to make them more content-neutral. What communities have found is that in certain cases, moving to a more content-neutral ordinance was easy, especially when it comes to permanent signs. The more recent court cases have even given some clarity related to the ability to regulate billboard. Yet, with all of this time and all of the challenges since then, there are still some things communities are struggling with including the regulation of flags and large-scale murals.

The purpose of this session is to delve into a handful of these more complicated sign issues with targeted discussion on potential solutions. This session will also highlight court cases that have taken place since the Reed case that impact how communities deal with flags, public art, murals, and other complicated messaging issues.


Wendy Moeller, FAICP

Scott Phillips


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