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Planning for a Wave of Climate Migration

Learn how impacts of climate change could cause Ohio and The Great Lakes region to experience climate-related in-migration as people rediscover the area's relatively stable climate, abundant fresh water, and available land. There is a pressing need to understand and prepare for these population shifts in an organized and equitable way. (What factors will motivate people to move? When might this happen? Will planners be ready?) Gain a broad understanding of how this migration phenomenon could change our region from Kent State's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and assess a recent climate migration plan created by Ohio State planning students for the City of Sandusky, Ohio. Find out how becoming a new population growth pole can revitalize our Great Lakes region and how planners can ensure new people can benefit (and not displace) people already here.

Kyle Ezell, FAICP
Terry Schwarz, FAICP
Arin Blair, AICP
BSCRP Students

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