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Small-Scale Interventions that Ripple through Communities

Positive and transformative impact on a community can be small and budget-friendly, using elements that bring life to a street and makes the neighborhood feel welcoming. We will demonstrate how partnerships, programs, and people can authentically activate communities and support entrepreneurial success. This session will explore how programs like 614 Beautiful and Power of One enhance the built environment through strategies that make small, but impactful changes in neighborhoods led by and for small businesses, residents, and stakeholders. The physical outcomes are an improved curb appeal and pedestrian-friendly environment that support walkability and city life. The results strengthen community pride reintroducing opportunities to connect organizations, events, and neighbors. Programs like this are vital to ensuring growth and vibrancy are shared by all members within Columbus.

The session will also touch upon how programs can build on community assets and local talent, and the role of community design centers in the ability to activate spaces for placekeeping.

Juliana Silveira
Lisa Snyder

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