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Demystifying FAICP

Is FAICP one of your future career goals? Induction to the AICP College of Fellows is the highest honor the American Institute of Certified Planners bestows upon a member. It may seem like a daunting process, but it doesn't have to be, especially with some preparation and little help from your friends at APA Ohio. Whether FAICP is something you'd like to pursue in the short term, or part of your long-term horizon, or even if you've never considered it before, please join us to learn more. The Executive Director of APA Ohio, the President of APA Ohio, Past President of APA Ohio, and a member of the FAICP Class of 2022 will talk through the process and offer tips and advice. More of a conversation than a formal presentation, there will be plenty of room for questions and discussion. Other members of FAICP in attendance at the conference are invited to come share their experiences as well.

Katherine Keough-Jurs, FAICP
Christine Dersi Davis, AICP
Eric Anderson, AICP

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