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Reimagining our Cities and the Practice of Foresight

The continued vitality of our cities and the health of our planet requires a refreshed approach to planning, one that prioritizes earth-first and community health above all else. This approach acknowledges that every transportation, housing, and economic decision is a climate decision. A central tenet of this approach is prioritizing people and their health, wellbeing and prosperity - over myopic interests and unsustainable approaches.

This session will straddle the aspirational and urgent with specific planning and policy ideas, design strategies, and a call to action. Session speakers will include urban planners with expertise in urban design, housing, and mobility. Speakers will share their future-forward perspectives and innovative approaches to shaping resilient, equitable built environments in Central Ohio and elsewhere. Their work will demonstrate it is possible to keep climate impact top of mind and expand opportunities for people to thrive and connect by reimagining infrastructure like streets and highways, reframing housing decisions, rethinking public transit, reinforcing mobility options for all residents, and re-evaluating the role of our natural resources. The time to rethink how we plan, move, connect, and collaborate for a resilient and sustainable future in our communities is now! Aligned with this year's conference theme, Foresight, this session will share future trends to give planners a framework to rethink how we plan today to meet pressing needs of Ohio communities.

Christine Dersi Davis, AICP
Megha Sinha, AICP
Jennifer Noll, AICP
J.M. Rayburn, AICP

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