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FRAMEWORK: Collaborating and Unprecedented Change

In early 2022 Intel announced their intentions to invest $20B in Licking County. New Albany and the County were already seeing significant investment and job growth. They are also seeing increased competition for talent and pressure on developing treasured natural landscape. With multiple jurisdictions likely to be affected, Newark-based T.J. Evans Foundation assumed the role of the neutral convener for 15 jurisdictions to create a framework for where and how to grow. This session will provide background of the process, the insight on desired outcomes, and emphasize the approach for improving the opportunity to create a more viable and desirable place through design.

There are three learning objectives for this session. Participants will learn about: 1) evaluating choices for reacting to unprecedented change; 2) methods for aligning multiple jurisdictions around common goals; and 3) tailoring implementation tools to benefit the individual communities and a larger geography. The conditions potential for tremendous change, fear of the unknown, 15 jurisdictions all create potential for conflict. There is considerable upside potential that will be shared, including how this effort was crafted in a way to strengthen the quality and character of communities, and engender emotional attachment to place. While FRAMEWORK is unique in many ways, more than anything it demonstrates the importance of planning fundamentals.

Jamie A. Greene
Jennifer Roberts
Melissa Hartfield

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