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Single-Family Build-to-Rent Communities

In an effort to meet changing consumer demands, homebuilders have begun to explore and implement a new type of housing development in communities throughout the state: single-family built-to-rent (BTR). With a wide variety of product types achieving a range of densities, these developments are filling a need for housing that neither traditional apartments, scattered single-family rentals, or for-sale housing can provide. However, local jurisdictions are grappling with how to handle BTR – as the nuances of these developments often mean that they don’t fit in their single-family or multiple-family zoning districts.

Moreover, this relatively new concept to the Midwest often leads to more questions and answers from residents, commissioners and elected officials that is leading to confusion and miscommunication in public forums. In this session, developer and homebuilder Onyx+East will share more about what BTR is and isn’t, the benefits that this type of housing provides, example success stories, and suggestions for how local jurisdictions can update their zoning policies and comprehensive plans to accommodate such developments to create win-win outcomes for developers and communities alike.

Jake Dietrich

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