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Transit Oriented Placemaking

Communities in and around Ohio are in the midst of introducing or exploring the possibility of re-introducing public transit. The projects range from Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Amtrak-run passenger rail (including the Midwest Connect and 3CD corridors) and from introducing on-demand shuttles to bolstering existing public bus service. Through this session we will explore the different perspectives offered by planning professionals, public officials, transportation engineers, and urban designers as they share ongoing TOD studies in our region. Transit oriented development typically involves a compact, walkable, mixed-use environment centered around public transit hubs. However not all TODs are created equal; a successful TOD takes into account the fabric of the neighborhood, its historic relevance, the human experience, and engagement/activation at the street level. At this critical juncture in Ohio, placemaking becomes a major driver for planning TODs that are inclusive, authentic, and aesthetically appealing public spaces. As the theme of the conference looks to the future of mobility, it is imperative we keep community impact and human experiences of mobility decisions top of mind. This session makes the case for considering placemaking as a holistic community development tool, around mobility options being planned around Ohio.

Sayee Mudholkar, AICP
Kim Way, PLA, ASLA
Nancy Lyon-Stadler, PE, PTOE
Christopher Will, AICP

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