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Accessory Dwelling Units: Benefits and Challenges

The following is a bullet point list of the things we will cover. I was out of the country when we finalized the decision to do a session on ADUs and did not have time to refine a polished session description. - Accessory dwelling units are a growing way communities are looking to address housing affordability while also 'gently' increasing density in what are traditionally single-family household. - This session will outline the types of ADUs that communities are providing options for including attached, detached (including stand-alone ADUs and FROGs - 'Free Room Over GarageĀ) - We will be discussing the challenges and concern residents raise during discussions about ADUs and the need for education and public participation as part of any process to incorporate ADUs in zoning ordinances. - We will highlight how communities across the state have been allowing for ADUs with a variety of regulations that can address common concerns.

Wendy Moeller, FAICP
Katherine Keough-Jurs, FAICP
Abby Couch

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