Keynote Session | 8:00 to 9:00 am

First Ring Suburb Challenges - Finding Your Second Wind

First-ring suburbs in Cincinnati are nearing the century mark since their development. This milestone looks to present these communities with new challenges. Tom Carroll, Village Manager for Silverton, Ohio will present findings from a recent study of Hamilton County's first-ring suburbs, funded through a grant from ICMA. Tom will use these findings to frame what he believes the common challenges facing these communities. He will then outline the steps Silverton has taken, and continues to pursue to flip the script on these trends. Silverton has taken dramatic steps recently to remake itself, and position the community to attract new business and residents while holding on to the key neighborhood attributes that have marked Silverton from the beginning. 

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Tom is an experienced city manager with 24 years of experience in public sector management. His career includes managing economic development, public utilities, budgeting, construction management, private development regulation, policy analysis, labor negotiations, housing, intergovernmental relations, and citizen engagement. Mr. Carroll is most comfortable operating at the intersections of complex legal, financial, political, intergovernmental, and interpersonal challenges. He uses an interdisciplinary approach to tackle organizational and community issues. The organizations he has managed have won awards for innovation, citizen engagement, intergovernmental cooperation, and benchmarking. Tom was also one of four inaugural ICMA research fellows, studying how challenged Midwestern inner-ring suburbs can reverse depopulation, disinvestment, and general decline.