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01.25 Participatory Planning - Improving Your Community Engagement Efforts
02.01 Autism Planning and Design Guidelines 1.0
02.08 Public vs Private Perspectives: The Development Process as told by a Developer, Engineer, Planner & City Manager for Public Officials
03.01 Women in Planning: The Road to FAICP
03.08 Equitable Public Engagement: Participatory Budgeting for Transportation Funds
03.22 The Next Evolution of Public Hearings
03.29 Historic Preservation of African American Cemeteries
04.05 Regulating Historic Signs
04.19 New Federal Rules for Cell Towers Inside and Outside Rights of Way
05.03 Leading Edge Practices for Regional and Local Freight Plans
05.10 Cultural Districts and Cultural Institutions: Suns or Black Holes?
05.17 Planning for and in the Federal Government: A New Perspective
06.21 Unplugged: The Paradigm of Aging-friendly Communities
06.28 The Curbside in the Modern Multimodal City: Where Literally Everything Comes Together
07.12 Creating Safe Environments: Integrating Planning, Design & Physical Security
07.19 Incorporating Arts in Urban and Site Design
08.02 Incorporating Market and Fiscal Analysis in Land Use Planning
08.23 Lean Thinking Before, During, and After Your Planning Process
09.06 Public Art and Artists' Property Rights
09.13 Bus Rapid Transit: Insight on Project Development and Implementation
09.20 Raising Your Profile to Accelerate Your Career
10.11 Integrating Urban and Regional Sustainability Planning
10.18 Path as Place: The Experiential side of Transportation
10.23 Planning in The Bahamas: History, Culture and Conservation
10.25 APA Ethics Case of the Year Panel Discussion
11.08 Making Room for Middle Housing - HB 2001 and Lessons from Oregon
11.15 Current Topics in Planning Law: From Cannabis to the Fast Track
11.22 Planning for Housing: Using the APA Policy Guide on Housing
12.06 Award-Winning Sustainability 2019
12.20 Homelessness in the Black Community


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