Keynote Speaker

LinkUs:Charting a Course for Central Ohio's New Mobility Future

By 2050, Central Ohio is expected to be a region of three million people. Today, most people rely on cars to get to and from their destinations, while access to affordable housing and quality jobs is an increasing challenge for many. However, we are at a unique moment in time in which we can seize and opportunity to transform the region with strategic investment in our mobility system, coordinated with equitable Transit Oriented Development. We can improve mobility choices and shape how the region grows in a manner that will increase transportation reliability, manage traffic congestion, support businesses and workers, provide access to housing, and improve quality of life. LinkUS is Central Ohio’s comprehensive growth and mobility initiative. The core LinkUS partners – COTA, MORPC, Franklin County and the City of Columbus are excited to share the latest progress on planning and design for the West Broad, East Main and Northwest Bus Rapid Transit Corridors. The LinkUS team will also share new information about the emerging funding and implementation strategy that will be advanced to realize a vision for a 21st century mobility system connecting the region together and promoting sustainable development patterns that will benefit all of Central Ohio.   

Panelists: Justin Goodwin, AICP; Kimberly Sharp, AICP; Maria Schaper, AICP & Matthew Brown
Moderator: Andrew Schneider, AICP

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