Disaster Services Consultant 2

Ohio Department of Public Safety - Emergency Management Agency careersection/oh_ext/ jobdetail.ftl?job=190005CW&tz= GMT-04%3A00&tzname=America% 2FNew_York Under the direction of the Chief, Mitigation Branch, coordinates & monitors agency participation in grant programs (i.e., federal & state disaster assistance mitigation programs through the administration of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program & other federal & state programs); Populate state database with information from past & current mitigation projects; Works with state agencies & local governments to develop partnerships with all levels of government, the private sector, & voluntary organizations to create & maintain a state comprehensive mitigation program; Assists local political jurisdictions to develop mitigation plans & projects that meet federal regulations & state requirements; Provides training to state & local officials on mitigation planning, programs & procedures; Assists in the implementation of the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program. Advises applicants of project eligibility & provides technical assistance to communities in the development of mitigation projects following disasters; Monitor projects & ensure compliance with federal regulations; Conducts environmental reviews & benefit-cost analysis on mitigation projects; Conducts on-site visits to evaluate plans & projects & coordinates timely closure of grant projects. Participates on State hazard mitigation teams following disasters or emergency situations to identify projects for disaster mitigation programs; Travels to disaster sites for extended periods of time following major disaster declarations to work with local communities; Conducts local official’s briefings & public meetings to explain mitigation programs. Conducts research & provides information on mitigation & damage reduction techniques to the State Mitigation Team to identify priority areas for mitigation project development; Meets with state & federal agencies, local officials, state legislators & staff members from the Ohio Congressional Delegation to discuss mitigation programs; Maintains detailed records & arranges for federal & state audits; Represents Ohio EMA at federal & state level events, meetings & conferences; Provides technical assistance to local governments in the preparation of mitigation projects; Reviews & comments on federal & state laws & regulations regarding impact on the state of Ohio. Qualifications Completion of undergraduate major core program in emergency management, public or business administration; 2 yrs. trg. or 2 yrs. exp. in disaster services & emergency operations; must be able to provide own transportation. -Or 2 yrs. trg. or 2 yrs. exp. in emergency management, public or business administration; 2 yr. trg. or 2 yr. exp. in disaster services & emergency operations; must be able to provide own transportation. -Or 2 yrs. exp. as Disaster Services Consultant 1, 64911; must be able to provide own transportation. -Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above.

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