Sections at a Glance

One of the benefits to joining APA Ohio is access to the activities and programs coordinated and sponsored by the chapter's various sections. Sections also partner with the chapter to host statewide conferences.  Some of the sections meet regularly - either monthly or quarterly - to hear an educational program, network and socialize. Sections also host planning and zoning workshops around the state.

In September 2016, the APA Ohio Board of Trustees voted to approve a Chapter Section Relationship Policy. Both the Chapter and the sections have the responsibility to work cooperatively and move toward a shared vision established in the APA Ohio Strategic Plan. APA Ohio recognizes that each section differs in terms of membership, leadership, and approach to services. With this in mind, the Chapter has established this policy document to set basic expectations about the nature of the relationship between the Chapter and local sections. To download the Chapter Section Relationship policy, click here.


Apa Ohio Sections Map 1


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