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Healthy Communities Grant Information

The American Planning Association is receiving year-one funding totaling $2.9 million from a grant provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help communities improve overall health and prevent chronic disease. APA will award 15-20 grants that will average $100,000-$150,000, depending on how many awards are made. The intent is to award projects that will bring together members of the American Planning Association and the American Public Health Association (APHA), aiming to build local capacity to address population health goals and promote the inclusion of health in non-traditional sectors.

APA Ohio Guidance for Healthy Communities APA/APHA Grant:

Letter of Intent

·A letter of intent (LOI) is required for each proposed project, and must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday, December 2 to A copy of the LOI must be sent to

· The proposed project coalition must include an APA member and an APHA member; these project contacts must be identified in the LOI. The APA Ohio Board is not able serve as the point of contact for your project.

· An APA member on the proposed project coalition must submit the LOI. The APA Ohio Board is not able to submit an LOI on your behalf.

Project Proposal

·A complete project proposal must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday, December 22 to

 · The proposed project coalition, including the APA and APHA members, is responsible for preparing the proposal.

· A letter of support is required from the APA Ohio Board (as well as APHA Ohio). Requests for letters of support, including a brief project description (no more than one page) must be submitted by 5pm on Thursday, December 11 to

· An APA member on the proposed project coalition must submit the proposal. A copy of the proposal must be sent to

Grant Management

· The APA Ohio Board will accept and manage grant funds awarded for Ohio projects. Click here to view the RFP. For more information, visit APA's Healthy Planning Coalitions webpage at >>

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