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The APA Ohio Board of Trustees has put an emphasis on the need to be better advocates for planning and our profession. Our recent Because We Plan effort is one way to advocate for ourselves by highlighting what we do and why it is important to the vibrancy and health of our communities. We have, however, struggled with how to address legislative and policy issues in a more robust manner. As you know, legislative challenges and judicial decisions can be threats to our work. After much thought and discussion, including a day-long retreat last spring, we have decided that formalizing the Chapter’s Policy Agenda was an essential first step. While we are still developing an approach to be able to respond to short term legislative challenges and respond to judicial decisions, we believe that a clear statement of our professional position on key priority issues facing Ohio would be the foundation for all other actions.

Click here to view the DRAFT 2017-18 Policy Platform that is intended to guide the Chapter’s lobbying efforts and inform positions taken by the Chapter on legislative issues. We also envision it as a tool to be able to inform various unanticipated issues that may arise over the course of the upcoming year.

At this time, we are respectfully requesting your review of the document and in particular would like your feedback on the policy position statements. Also, if there is a critical issue that we’ve missed, please identify that issue and explain why it’s important. To provide feedback, please click here.

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