Compliance Planner

Licking County Planning & Development

Pay Range: $18.00 - $25.00

Position: Compliance Planner Agency: Planning & Development


This position is primarily responsible for ensuring compliance with various land development regulations of Licking County. This includes the administration of county development regulations and the facilitation of violation resolutions through plan review, inspection, investigation, coordination, and communication.

Minimum Qualifications:

Associate’s degree (A.A.) or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school and one year or more related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Five or more years of experience working in enforcement, planning, zoning compliance, plans examination, civil engineering, or construction-related fields is preferred.

Additional Qualifications (Agency/Dept. Qualifications):

The Compliance Planner is a specialized position with the Licking County Planning Commission and requires a degree of technical and regulatory expertise.

As part of our team, the Compliance Planner will in part be responsible for the following:

• Ensuring our community and our developments achieve compliance with various land development regulations within Licking County (Subdivision, Public Infrastructure, Soil Erosion & Stormwater, Floodplain, and Access Management);

• The candidate will conduct frequent independent field investigations, which may require the individual to navigate rough, muddy, wet, and slippery terrain, such as wooded areas, fields, wetlands, streams, construction sites, and the like.

• Facilitate the resolution of matters of non-compliance and violations through plan review, inspection, investigation, communication, and enforcement efforts;

• The candidate will work with the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Licking County Prosecutor’s Office and represent the department and county in court proceedings should they be required to achieve enforcement actions and compliance;

The ideal candidate will possess the following:

• Excellent written & verbal communication skills (reports, regulations, note-taking, etc.);

• Have a cursory knowledge of construction and development terms, methods, and practices;

• Have the ability to maintain complete, accurate, and organized records;

• Have strong interpersonal skills with a friendly and respectful attitude for fostering relationships and compliance among developers, professional engineers, professional surveyors, contractors, property owners, and other government officials;

• Have the ability and desire to learn new skills such as; reading and analyzing construction, grading, survey, and architectural plans, and land planning principles and tools is also necessary.

The ideal candidate will be able to:

• Interact with engineers, contractors, attorneys, and residents; investigate and research potential problems or violations;

• Interpret and understand legal language, case law, and local regulations (especially the Ohio Revised Code); Inspect projects for compatibility with approved drawings; and problem-solve in the regulatory and/or enforcement arena.

An individual with a strong character that is highly self-motivated self-starter, accountable, reliable, honest, trustworthy, professional, friendly, and respectful, with the ability to reason and make sound decisions will be successful in this position. Previous experience in roles as a zoning inspector, plans examiner, civil engineer, site construction inspector, or enforcement officer is a plus. Possession of any related certifications or licenses is a plus.

Hours: 35 – 40 hours per week (full-time)

Salary: $18.00 - $25.00 per hour (depending on qualifications)


• Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

• Promotes and maintains positive and effective working relationships and promotes good public relationships as a representative of Licking County Government. Represents themselves, the department, and the county in a professional manner at all times.

• Administers county regulations to ensure compliance of approved plans and investigating alleged violations to the point of compliance.

• Conduct frequent site inspections and fact-gathering, to investigate and monitor development and violation activity. This may require the staff member to navigate rough, muddy, wet and slippery terrain, such as wooded areas, fields, wetlands, streams, construction sites, and the like.

• Routinely inspects and enforces the requirements and conditions imposed by the Licking County Planning Commission upon variances, Preliminary Plans, Final Plats, and other similar approvals.

• Respond to and investigate complaints about activity within the authority of the regulations the Licking County Planning Commission Administers.

• Reads and interprets construction plans, grading plans, architectural plans, boundary maps/descriptions, and field observation of compliance.

• Investigate and resolve any violations of the various development regulations.

• Effectuates compliance with applicable regulations by informing, educating, and working with property owners, lessees, developers, contractors, attorneys, prosecutors, governmental officials, and the like to bring non-compliant actions and activities into compliance.

• Routinely manages violation cases to equitable and timely resolution which involves coordination among various review authorities, inspectors, property owners, and developers while maintaining full and proper respect for those involved.

• Prepares and issues notices of violation, stop work orders, and other correspondences and notices associated with the enforcement of the applicable regulations.

• Works closely with senior planning staff regarding conducting research, preparing written documents, assisting with the review of development proposals, and addressing many of the day-to-day administrative functions of the planning staff.

• Maintains complete, accurate, and organized records, including but not limited to, violation and inspection records, minor land division/lot split records, databases, and the like at all times.

• Represent the county in court proceedings related to enforcement actions.

• Operates as a team and as such may require a team effort to complete tasks in a timely manner. This may require staff to assist in duties that are otherwise not considered a part of that individual’s duties in order to ensure this office functions properly and work is completed on time. (Examples may include covering for other staff when they are out of the office, completing large mailings, assisting customers at the counter if other staff is otherwise detained, etc.)

• May conduct research, prepare written documents and reports, assist with the review of development proposals, provide customer service, provide educational resources to other government entities and citizenry, and other duties as assigned.

• May assemble, collate, collect, and process data into reports concerning population, resources, economy, transportation, health, utilities, pollution, and other subjects pertinent to land use, transportation and environmental planning studies and reports; provides relevant research and data for use in evaluation and presentation of planning problems, preparation of land use plans; prepares maps for comprehensive plans, zoning documents, and other planning functions.

• Responds to customer inquiries about regulatory processes and requirements. May provide maps for customers and address general planning inquiries.

• Reviews minor subdivision/lot split applications for administrative approval that meet the regulatory standards of the Subdivision, Land Division, Development, and Congestion Prevention Regulations for Licking County, Ohio.

• Complies with and promotes the Licking County Personnel, Licking County Planning Commission, and the Licking County Planning & Development Department policies and procedures at all times.

• Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP) safety standards that pertain to the essential functions of the position and all agency safety procedures.

• Remains informed of current developments and procedures pertinent to duties; may be required to attend seminars/training. Said seminars and trainings may be out-of-town and require travel, overnight stays, and weekend time.

Application Procedures: Submit the completed application, resume, and cover letter to the Licking County Human Resources Department, 20 South Second Street, 3rd Floor, Newark, Ohio 43055. Applications can be obtained in person in the Human Resources Department between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily or printed from the website at .

Successful candidates will be subject to Licking County’s pre-employment drug screen.

Licking County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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