Master Plan Update - RFP

City of Aurora

Proposals due 12p.m. on Friday December 17, 2021


The City of Aurora Planning, Zoning & Building Division is soliciting proposals for professional services to assist the Planning and Zoning staff and an appointed Master Plan Review Commission in updating the city’s 2017 Master Plan. The updated plan will serve as a guide in considering policy changes, land use planning, budget preparation and capital improvement planning for the City of Aurora. It is anticipated the work will begin in January 2022. A finished product shall be ready for review by Planning Commission and the Mayor within eight months, followed by City Council consideration.


Attracting and retaining people to live and work through all stages of life is fundamental to the economic growth of any city. The City of Aurora is known for its distinctive residential neighborhoods, school district, historic town center, recreational opportunities and the newly created Geauga Lake mixed-use district. The City of Aurora’s population is approximately 17,340 and the city has experienced a steady growth over the past years with an increase of about 12% since 2010. After decades of steady growth Aurora has a strong economic, industrial and residential base while continuing to have an expanding and vital economy. Aurora needs to manage future growth and development while considering the impacts, benefits, and opportunities for the future.

Scope of Services

The general extent of services to be provided by a consultant shall include an extensive review of the current Master Plan and the formulation of recommendations for revisions, including and addressing the following (these topics are not necessarily all-inclusive):

• Existing and projected problems in the city’s development and land use for the next twenty (20) years, with suggested solutions for resolving such problems.

• Formal recommendations for appropriate land use classifications for every parcel of land within the city, preserving the current character of the city, and ensuring the residential, commercial and industrial growth shall be attractive, productive, and in the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of the city.

• Incorporate zoning change recommendations from the pending Density Study.

• Measures to preserve, protect, enhance and expand upon open space areas and other natural resources such as water courses, wetlands, and mature forests.

• Measures to preserve the historic areas of the city, including any and all designated historic districts.

• Plans for the development and management of safe and efficient traffic flow and transportation facilities throughout the community.

• Plans for the continuing upgrade of the city’s infrastructure, including but not limited to the management of water and sewer systems, whether storm or septic, roads, utilities, police, fire and recreation.

• Promotion of the Geauga Lake mixed-use district with managed and appropriate development.

Public Participation

Public participation will be a major component of the Master Plan update. The Mayor will appoint a Commission of nine (9) qualified electors of the city as members of the Master Plan Review Commission. The consultant chosen to prepare the Master Plan update will facilitate the monthly meetings of the Commission.

Staff Involvement

The Planning and Zoning staff and other municipal staff will be closely involved with the preparation of the Master Plan. The consultant must be able to dedicate the time and staff needed to conduct research, attend meetings, and prepare the document.


The consultant shall be responsible for providing all necessary materials including drafts of the Master Plan at Master Plan Review Commission meetings, workshops, and other city boards. The consultant shall provide the city with one (1) PDF version and (1) editable version of documents and maps. The software packages used will be agreed to prior to any work being produced. Maps should be developed for easy integration into the city’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

Proposal Submittal

The proposal shall include the following:

• The names and resumes of all staff members that are proposed to be assigned to provide services to the City of Aurora, including their responsibilities and knowledge base.

• A brief discussion of approach (methodology and estimated timeframe for completion of the scope of services, including any services provided by sub-consultants).

• Suggestions for modifications to the scope of services by the consultant to enhance the work product if appropriate.

• All sub-consultants that will be utilized in the performance of this contract.

• References and past projects performed of a similar nature.

Understanding of the Project

In the preparation of their technical proposal, the respondents are encouraged to expand or elaborate in a manner that reflects their understanding of the project and demonstrates their expertise and ability to perform all elements of the proposed scope of services. The respondent shall provide a brief narrative that demonstrates the respondent’s understanding of the project, i.e., the project’s goals and objectives, nature and scope of the work involved, etc. The city requires a detailed description of the respondent’s approach to the project, including methodologies, work plan, strategy and type of services that will be provided.

The respondent may suggest alternative approaches to the project (but keep in mind the intent of the original study).

Form of the Technical Proposal

Submit three (3) proposals in letter size, stapled, three-ring or spiral-bound format and an electronic file. In addition to a written proposal, the respondents may also be required to submit additional explanations and/or clarifications to their proposal including the assumptions from which the proposal was derived. The respondents are reminded to be clear and concise in their reponse to avoid misunderstandings in the evaluation of proposals.

All proposals, which meet the minimum submission requirements, will be reviewed and evaluated for completeness and responsiveness according to standards and selection criteria determined by the city. Factors for consideration will be evaluated from information supplied in response to the Request for Proposal.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 12 p. m. (noon) Friday, December 17, 2021 to

Denise Januska, AICP, Director, Planning, Zoning and Building Division

City of Aurora

129 West Pioneer

Aurora, Ohio 44202

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