Community Development Administrator

Franklin County Economic Development & Planning

Come join an innovative and award winning team at Franklin County Economic Development & Planning! We are hiring an experienced Community Development Administrator who will be responsible for administering, implementing, and overseeing budgeting for the following federal programs and funds the county receives from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Community Development Block Grant (CDBG); Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG); CDBG-R Stimulus; Homeless Prevention and Rapid-Rehousing Programs (HPRP).

Responsibilities include the following: Oversees the management of the County HUD financial system (the Integrated Disbursement & Internal Distribution System – IDIS.); the completion of the annual Action Plan to HUD (the process, budget & plan which communicates to HUD how the County intends to allocate the grant funds provided it). Holds public hearings to solicit resident’s input on the Plan and any Action Plan amendments. Coordinates the development and submission of the Consolidated Plan to HUD (five-year plan which identifies community plans and priorities.) Administers and performs the County environmental review process for HUD grants. Serves as a liaison between federal, state, local and County Commissioners in regard to HUD grants. Constructs sub-recipient agreements including performance measures. Manages the program request for proposal process including project evaluations. Manages, reviews, and evaluates project status reports. Provides technical assistance regarding the program to citizens, non-profits, and federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Facilitates planning & citizen participation elements of program. Ensures the eligibility of projects, activities, and expenditures. Ensures the adherence to all program regulations. Performs program monitoring. Oversees the development, construction, and implementation process for infrastructure projects. Responsible for the requisite documentation/record keeping for the program. Oversees the County fair housing subrecipient contract for adherence to federal policies/regulations. Responsible for completing the semi-annual minority business enterprise reports (procurement, labor standards.) Oversees the internal County Commission Community Development Advisory Board. Responsible for the completion of the annual Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report (CAPER) – the HUD Grants financial report. Performs program audits. Enact planning activities for the county CDBG, ESG, CDBG-R Stimulus, NSP, and HPRP programs. Establish, maintain, update, and collect documentation for program files. Maintain knowledge required to interpret and apply HUD regulations. Make public policy decisions. Participate in all relevant HUD training and all associated County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings. Attend quarterly meetings of the Ohio Conference of Community Development. Educate staff and local officials on new HUD programs. Complete site visits for HUD funded projects to ensure contract compliance regarding expenditures, procurement, and eligibility of clients receiving assistance, personnel hired, and projects implemented within grant project timeframe. Create written reports of site visits including findings, recommendations, and concerns. Assist the Franklin County Community Development Advisory Committee in work sessions to approve and review annual funding requests and to review annual program performance. Serve on community boards and County committees that address housing and community development issues. Drafts, executes, and manages contracts, agreements, and resolutions and presents to County Administration and Board of County Commissioners. Supervises junior staff.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in management, human resources, criminal justice, finance, accounting, public policy, or related experience with five (5) years of experience in grant coordination and administration or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

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