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We Plan CLE 2020

We Plan CLE 2020

The 2020 theme HOME was selected before stay-at-home orders were put in place. Now that we’re all spending more time at HOME, its place in all of our lives is being redefined. The conversations surrounding HOME are more relevant than any of us could have predicted.

HOME is central to our physical sense of place and our social connections. Its definition is deeply rooted in our personal experiences. Home is where the heart is. Home sweet home. There’s no place like home. This year, we will explore the forces that impact housing and our perceptions of home—physical, social, economic, historical, technological—in an effort to deepen our understanding of this essential component of our communities.

While we can’t celebrate all that is HOME in person in 2020, over the coming weeks we will offer new avenues to foster discussion and explore our communities. For the next six weeks, APA Cleveland will release weekly virtual events. We also invite you to contribute your own events.



Dr. Hutson Keynote Address B   Every Monday WePlanCLE will release a link to a lecture discussing aspects of HOME, and its changing meaning in all of our lives.

Arrow Bullet  Week 1: June 8

Arrow Bullet  Week 2: June 15

Arrow Bullet  Week 3: June 22

Arrow Bullet  Week 4: June 29

Arrow Bullet  Week 5: July 6

Arrow Bullet  Week 6: July 13

Arrow Bullet  Week 7: July 20

Arrow Bullet  Week 8: July 27

Arrow Bullet  Week 9: August 3





Walks 2   The tradition of exploring Greater Cleveland’s communities through “Jane’s Walks” will continue with a new guided walk or bike released on Thursdays.

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Walks 1   Create your own Jane’s Walk or Bike to share! Send us a walking or biking route through your neighborhood, and we’ll post it with the other HOMEtours. Or maybe record your daily walk around the block, with or without the dog! Just let us know what makes your community HOME for you.

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3   Throughout the weeks, watch for special releases featuring Northeast Ohio planners and civic advocates discussing the changes we’re seeing in our communities due to COVID-19, and how it’s affecting our definition of HOME.

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2017: ACT!



Questions about We Plan CLE should be directed to Arthur Schmidt at or 216-865-1342.


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