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2021 Advocacy + Policy Alerts

October 20, 2021 | Build Better Act: Unlocking Possibilities Program on the Chopping Block

Budget negotiators in Congress are eyeing cuts to the Build Back Better Act reconciliation package.  

The Unlocking Possibilities Program—which includes  significant planning and implementation support and technical assistance for communities committed to comprehensive local zoning reform —is among the most vulnerable provisions.  

Urge your U.S. representatives and senators to retain Unlocking Possibilities (Section 40103) in reconciliation.  

At risk is the only provision in the spending bill that will help communities create housing action plans, overhaul exclusionary zoning, and lay the groundwork for more housing choices and higher affordability. Federal action on zoning reform is one of four federal priorities for planners in 2021. 

On behalf of the APA Ohio Board of Trustees, APA Ohio President Rachel Ray, Legislative Committee Chair Emily Phillis and APA Ohio Executive Director Christine Dersi Davis wrote a letter to Senator Brown urging him to fight this cut.

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June 8, 2021 | Sub HB 110: ORC 5715.01, 5713.03 Amendment RE: Affordable Housing

On behalf of the APA Ohio Board of Trustees, Legislative Committee Chair Emily Phillis wrote a letter to Ohio Senate Finance Committee members expressing opposition to the amendment to Sub HB 110 (FY 2022-2023 Main Operating Budget Bill) to change the process for valuation of subsidized residential rental property. Requiring federally subsidized residential rental property to be valued for tax purposes based on market rent without regard to the effects of government police powers or other governmental action undermines statewide efforts to encourage development of new affordable housing and has the potential to limit the impact of existing subsidized housing.

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March 19, 2021 | Support Transportation in Ohio

What You Need to Know

A bill is moving through the Ohio legislature to fund transportation. It is currently about to be heard by the committee, and we urge you to reach out to your Representative, asking for their support. It's imperative this bill gets passed, if not, state funding for transportation is at risk and could drastically be slashed. 

More about the bill: A substitute version of HB 74, recently introduced in the Senate Transportation Committee, would increase General Revenue Funds for public transit by $13.85 million each year from $23.15 million allocated in the House version of the bill to $37 million. When combined with $33 million in federal funds to be “flexed” to transit, the measure would bring total state funding for Ohio’s 61 transit agencies to $70 million per fiscal year, equivalent to the levels allocated by the General Assembly in the last biennium budget. The governor’s proposed transportation budget had recommended a 90% reduction in funding from $70 million in 2020 and 2021 to $7 million in 2022 and 2023.  


What You Can Do to TAKE ACTION

Ask your representative to support this bill. It's easy! Share APA Ohio's message by clicking below.

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March 1, 2021 | American Rescue Plan

What You Need to Know

A bill that includes $420 billion in emergency relief for localities, states, Tribes, and territories, transit and other essential agencies, and housing is headed to the Senate, marking what may be planners best opportunity to help secure robust federal recovery support for communities.

Local governments confront a time of urgent need to assist local businesses and residents, especially those hit hardest by the pandemic. Flexible funding to local government and public agencies will keep planning and critical functions operating and ensure communities recover more equitably and more quickly. 

The American Rescue Plan, which passed the House on February 27, makes major reforms to two areas where planners told Congress the CARES Act fell short; all cities can access the funding and the aid is flexible. If signed into law, the bill would give planners the federal funding and support to guide communities toward a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous future. 

What You Can Do to TAKE ACTION

Tell your senators you support direct and flexible relief for local and state governments, transit, and housing security.  

Share what additional aid for your community would mean for local and regional recovery efforts underway. Customizing our pre-drafted letter with your personal perspective is particularly effective. 

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February 1, 2021 | APA Ohio's Policy Platform

What You Need to Know

With the 2021 Legislative Session under way, we want members of the legislature to hear from APA Ohio and know about our priorities. We are asking you to take action today by messaging your state elected officials, and sharing APA Ohio's Policy Platform.

What You Can Do to TAKE ACTION

Take time now to share our policy platform with your local representatives.

It's easy! Share APA Ohio's message introducing our organization and outlining our policy platform by clicking below.

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