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APA Ohio Board of Trustees

Election Slate Announcement

2024 APA Ohio Chapter Elections

Slate Announcement + Petition Candidate Directions

The APA Ohio Chapter’s biennial election will occur this summer. The process is managed by APA at the national level, and all APA Ohio members (regardless of whether they are full APA or chapter only members) will receive an email notification to vote beginning July 31. The voting portal will remain open until August 28.

Slate of Candidates

The 2024 ballot includes the election of eight (8) Trustees to the Board: six (6) general seats and two (2) focused seats. The candidate slate includes the following:

Jacob Barnes

Alex Carlson, AICP

Elizabeth Fields, AICP

Nichole Laird, AICP

Allison Lukacsy-Love, AICP (incumbent)

Mark McCormack

Geoff Milz, AICP (incumbent)

Justin Milam, AICP

Jesse Urbancsik

Megha Sinha, AICP (incumbent)

Click Here to learn more about each of the candidates.

The newly elected Board begins service on January 1, 2025. Officers will be elected at the December 2024 Board meeting, following the election.

Petition Candidate Directions

Section 8.2 PETITIONS of the APA Ohio Bylaws includes provisions for Chapter members seeking to become petition candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees. Please contact APA Ohio Executive Director Christine Davis, AICP for more information regarding this process.

Petitions are due no later than May 17, 2024.

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